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Pole Classes:

How many students are in a class?

  • Chicago Heights classes have 6 poles in each room. One is for instructor demonstration and the other 5 will have 1-2 students per pole depending on enrollment
  • New Lenox classes have 4 poles in the room. One is for the instructor or for students doing a make up class and the other 3 will have 1-2 students per pole depending on enrollment

Will I lose weight or gain strength taking pole classes?

  • Pole classes include a vigorous workout but depending on the level, may supply cardio or toning/conditioning. Additional workouts are recommended in addition to pole class unless you are taking multiple classes each week. 
  • Classes incorporate a workout just as all dance classes do so each class will include a mandatory warm up and cool down

Are men allowed to take pole dance classes?

  • The majority of pole classes are for women only but some classes are coed. Check the schedule for coed classes.

I have pole dance experience or consider myself very strong – do I have to start with grounded pole? 

  • Regardless of strength or other aerial experience using the pole requires familiarity with the apparatus and how to safely and effectively use the pole. 
  • All studios have different methods of teaching. We wish to ensure a safe and satisfactory experience for our clients.
  • Progression from one level to the next is determined by your ability and the instructors evaluation.Not everyone is ready to move on at the same time
  • All students must satisfactorily perform moves at each level before advancing to the next. 
  • Starting at a different level or skipping levels/classes must be approved by one on one evaluation during a paid private lesson. 

How old do I have to be to take classes?

We are open only to those who are ages 18 and over

I am pregnant and my doctor cleared me to exercise – can I take aerial classes?

We encourage and support a healthy, active pregnancy lifestyle. However we cannot allow pregnant women to take aerial classes due to insurance regulations.

How to Prepare for class:

  • Wear comfortable workout gear: shorts and short sleeve tops. Longer pants that can be pulled up above your knees can be worn in level one sessions.
  • The majority of our classes are done in bare feet.                  
  • Do not apply oils or lotions prior to class                  
  • Do not wear hand or wrist jewelry to class as it can cause injury as well as damage poles – you will be asked to remove it
  • Bring bottled water to class. Bottled water may be purchased for $1 at the studio.
  • Yoga mats are provided for warm up but you may bring your own yoga mat to class
  • Do not bring any personal items aside from a cell phone (if needed) into the class room, and please keep it on silent.                 
  • You do not need to have your own pole for the basic or intermediate levels. However you will enjoy your classes more if you have a pole at home for practice
  • Having your own pole is required for advanced levels.

Party FAQ’s

  1. What should we wear?
    – Shorts and short sleeved shirts. No foot wear is allowed. Jewelry must be removed, especially hand and foot jewelry.
    – If guests insist on longer pants, they should wear leggings that can be pulled up above their knees as you need uncovered skin at your knees to hold onto the pole
    – Please do not apply ANY oils or greasy lotions or butters. Only wear light-weight, water-based lotions
  2. How long is the party?
    75 – 90 minutes depending on the package chosen. However, if your group is late and we start the party late, that time is deducted from the length of the party.
  3. What payment is required to book the party?
    –  A deposit is required to hold your chosen date/time. See package plans for required deposits.
    – The balance must be paid no less than 14 days prior to the party
    – All fees are non-refundable
  4. What is the cancellation policy?
    – The deposit is non-refundable
    – Once the balance is paid (14 days prior to the party) all fees are non-refundable
    – With at least 72 hours notice, you may reschedule your party based upon our availability without penalty
  5. What should we expect to learn?
    – Your group will warm up with some standing dance moves, then learn a short, sexy dance routine.
  6. How many poles per student?
    – Generally there will be two students per pole but we can accommodate up to a maximum of 3 students per pole 
    – New Lenox has 4 poles and Chicago Heights can supply up to 20 poles. Fees will vary.
  7. Can guests just watch and not participate?
    – If the group is ok with it, guests may watch without participating, but they must still pay for their place at the party
  8. Should we tip the instructor?
    – Tipping is not expected but always appreciated if your feel your instructor should be tipped.
  9. What else is included?
    – See individual package plans for extras. 
  10. Is alcohol allowed/provided?
    – Alcohol is not provided nor may it be brought into the studio. Further, anyone who arrives smelling of alcohol or acting under the influence will be denied participation without refund
    – Because alcohol and other mood altering substances are prohibited by the insurance company, we are strict about this policy for the safety of all guests
    – Without a liquor license and proper insurance, we also cannot allow alcohol to be served on premesis after the party, regardless of who provides it.
  11. How do I plan the start time of my party?
    – Call or email for availability, listing your preferred dates and start times
    – Parties are only available on Friday evenings or Saturday afternoons & evenings or Sunday  afternoons. Occasional hours on Saturday and Sunday mornings as well as early evenings may be available.
    – It is highly recommended that you do not plan for your party to start after going out to eat as most will not be able to keep up with class on a full stomach.
  12. Can we bring food, gifts, decorations, etc?
    – Any time spent at the studio to decorate, open gifts or serve food must be pre-arranged to reserve the after-party room.
    – The after party room can be rented for an additional $50 an hour.
  13. What time should I advise my guests to arrive/leave?
    – Guests should arrive and be ready to sign waivers between 15 and 20 minutes prior to the start time of the party.
    – The party will not begin until all guests have arrived and signed in. If this results in the party starting late, that time is deducted from the scheduled party time.
    – Guests must leave the premises no later than 15 minutes after the party ends and may not stay to clean up or fix hair or make up. If all guests have not left within this time, an additional $15 per every 15 minutes will be charged to the card on file.
  14. Can we take videos/Photos?
    – Photos are allowed but videos are not
    – Guests must use their own cameras and every guest at the party will sign a waiver upon arrival that includes a photo release.
    – If a guest does not want to be photographed by the others in the party, they should leave the room during photo time or we advise that no photos are taken at all.
  15. Are men allowed at the party?
    – If the host and guests wish to allow men to participate, they must inform the studio in advance
    – All men are also included in the head count for the party.